Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Marketing High-End Affiliate Programs

Hi guys! I received this article in my inbox today and I think it has some really great advice about how to "work it" with your affiliate program. I hope you find it as interesting as I did!


Promoting High Paying Affiliate Programs - Your Key To Financial Freedom

by: Rockford Tapscott

If you are an affiliate marketer, you know the feeling. You log in to your Clickbank account expectantly each day and are again disappointed to see that you've either made a couple of dollars or worse still, nothing at all. After all, you've done the hard yards, built your website or Blog and driven traffic there by different means, PREsold that ebook that you thought was so cool, and yet, nothing. What's going on?

Imagine this scenario instead. You log in to your affiliate account once a week and see you've made just two sales - and the commission you've earned on those sales is nearly two thousand dollars. Does that take the pressure off and get you focused on doing even better next week? You bet it does. Welcome to the business of promoting high paying affiliate programs.

The truth is, it's not that much harder to sell a high priced affiliate product than it is to sell a low priced product like an ebook or audio. You just need the right system in place to do it. Now don't get me wrong, while it's not that difficult, it's no walk in the park either. You have to do everything right or your results still won't reflect the effort you're putting in.

So, how do you sell high priced products on the Internet?

The simplest way is to find a merchant who uses their website as a lead capture system for more personal follow up later. Let's face it; it's very hard to sell an $8,000 coaching program to a cold list of prospects right off the bat, no matter who wrote the sales letter. From the merchant's perspective, here's what's involved -

First of all you have to attract prospects onto a list with a compelling offer so you can start to build a relationship with them. Then you have to prove to them that you mean what you say. You have to follow up consistently using multiple media (email, audio postcard, letter, telephone) and you have to persevere until they sell themselves on the idea that doing what you would like them to do is actually a no-brainer.

Now when you are promoting low priced products, who's got the time to do this? Not you, that's for sure, and neither does the product owner. So what you typically get is one attempt at closing the prospects you send with a sales letter - and then, nothing. There's no money in the budget for implementing a sequential follow up system to nurture your prospects until they buy. It's truly a numbers game. And the number of people you need to send to a typical sales letter that doesn't have any follow up are prohibitively large, as you are probably already aware.

Typical conversions for a sales letter if the prospect only sees it one time are between .5% and 2%. That means you have to send somewhere between 50 to 200 people to that site to make each sale. If you are making say $30 on each Ebook sold, and you send 100 people to the site to sell each one (a 1% conversion), you can see that you need to send a LOT of people to the sales letter to earn a reasonable return.

Contrast this to promoting high paying affiliate products through a program that offers a sequential marketing and follow up system instead. All the website does is act as a lead generator and captures each prospect's name and contact information. Then over a period of time, every person in the system is encouraged to actually speak with the product owner on the phone instead of relying on a one-time visit to the sales letter or email alone.

How much more likely do you think a sale is when the product owner personally interacts with your prospects on the phone and by email, and encourages them to order the product multiple times (especially if the product owner is an accomplished sales person)?

Your chances have to good, right? Does this make earning 2 grand from just two sales seem more achievable? You bet it does. Remember, the secret to financial freedom from your web business is finding quality high paying affiliate programs that offer a proven marketing system which turns prospects into customers. All you have to do is send prospects into the lead capture system, and sit back as sales are made.

Sure beats making a few dollars a month selling ebooks, doesn't it?

Rocky Tapscott is the Affiliate Manager for Sam Goldberg's Futures Trading Coach affiliate program. To can earn up to $999 commission per sale, promote products to a passionate niche market, and have a personal affiliate manager to coach you, visit http://www.futurest radingcoach. com/affiliates. htm


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